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Mission Statement

To take the Gospel to those who want to hear it, through every open door, by all means available, using every tool imaginable. To share the journey with everyone who volunteers so that all who go and all who are served are touched and changed forever by God.

To go where invited. So many in this world are crying for the truth, the Gospel, the love of our savior Jesus Christ, that we leave the stubborn, the obstinate, and the unfriendly for others who are called to reach them. To keep the Gospel message always our main focus with all our other activities in support of that Main Focus. Objectively measureable results. Do something visible, leave something useable.


Apply the FCM guidelines to each opportunity presented to our mission teams. Develop a plan of action specific to the needs identified. Turn the plan over to God through prayer, asking for His wisdom and support. GO! Take the first step to implement the plan and trust that God will make a way.

Farsight Christian Mission, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation registered with the states of Florida and Tennessee. The US Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c) (3) and 509(a) has granted tax-exempt status.