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Statement of Faith

I believe there is one living God. He is creator of all that exists, all that has existed and all the will exist.

I believe God has one Son. Jesus. Jesus became human through the miracle of a virgin birth.

I believe the Bible was God-inspired or God-breathed, that it is true and complete and does not contradict itself.

I believe the Church is the one and only, pure, holy bride of Christ. He will return one day very soon to take her home with Him.

I believe that salvation comes to a person through a very simple and straightforward process and that no single step is more or less important than any other.

  1. Hearing the Good News and coming to know the truth about Jesus Christ is a logical first step.
  2. A growing faith in God (the Father), Jesus (the Son) and the Holy Spirit; faith in their power, their presence and their ability to save.
  3. Recognize ones own sinful condition and truly desire to change that condition for one focused on Jesus. (Repent)
  4. Public confession of one's faith. I believe that how a person acts and what a person says every day is their confession of faith and if their words and actions make the statement "I believe that Jesus is God's Son and my Savior" then they are living the "good confession".
  5. Baptism, or Immersion, is the process of "crossing over". It is our connection to the life, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. There is nothing significant with the location, the water, or the baptizer but the attitude of submission and humility of the one being baptized is important.
  6. Living a steadfast life. While scripture tells us that nothing can take our salvation away from us, I believe it clearly indicates that we could give it away by our choice of action and rejection of Jesus after we have come to know Him.
  7. Without God's Grace and God's Love and God's Forgiveness there is nothing that could save us. His grace and love provides us with an opportunity for forgiveness and salvation through His Son, Jesus, when we are obedient to Jesus' command to "obey everything I have commanded you." Matt.28:19-20

This statement of faith was not intended to be a detailed and comprehensive Gospel sermon that someone might read and be saved. I just wanted everyone who is interested in what we are doing to also have an idea of where we are coming from and where we know we're headed.

I believe that God is blessing our work because of the stand we have taken for Him and His Word. As a teacher of the Gospel, I understand that I am responsible for myself but also all who listen to me; therefore I choose to teach the firmest, surest, most complete gospel message contained in God's Word so that all who hear can make a choice based on all the facts I can give them.

I believe in obedience where the Bible speaks and the freedom to act in love in all the areas where the Bible is silent.

I welcome your comments and questions and will try to respond to them as my schedule permits.

Levern Halstead, Director
Farsight Christian Mission

A collection of thoughts on salvation (PDF, 33kb)