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Farsight Christian Mission, Inc. (FCM)

FCM began with the idea of being "FARSIGHTED", a person having the ability to see beyond their own wants and seeing the needs of others. With that in mind, in 1991, a group of volunteers formed a team to go to Panama and work for two weeks with Dr. Michael Richards. We all came away from this trip feeling that the blessing received was greater than the blessing we wanted to give.

The cycle of first having a great desire to serve others less fortunate, going, serving, and finally returning to discover how greatly blessed you have been, is contagious.

In 1994 another team formed to go to Mexico and work for a week with Craig Gates. Once again, the blessing received exceeded our ability to bless those we served.

In 1996 we planned again to see beyond our wants to help others in need. We went to Seguin, Haiti, to build a church building. For the rest of the ongoing story please go to the newsletter section. You will find the whole story there.

In 1997 Farsight Christian Mission, Inc. (FCM) became an official non-profit corporation. Since then, FCM has taken over 3,200 volunteers to eight countries. We have worked on the construction of 12 churches, 3 youth camps, 2 schools, 2 bridges, and a medical clinic. In 2009 we started building houses in Honduras.

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